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The Franciscan friars are present in the South of Uganda since 30 years ago.

Rushooka Parish is composed by 23 villages and it is situated on a vast territory, on which the Franciscan friars of the Community “Holy Name of Jesus” bring their help.

Their first mission is to spread the evangelical message and in the same time they try to meet the needs of the population with focused projects regarding education, development and healthcare. In fact, they have been promoters of water and electrical system diffusion, which became the basis of development for people who live there. Friars also founded a primary and a secondary school, a pastoral center where people can get together and a children care center. Moreover, they help families to pay school fees for children (fees that are absolutely excessive if compared to the poor salaries that they receive), sustain several inhabitants of the parish with projects focused on work, built the big parish church and a lot of small churches in every village.

They achieved their goals thanks to the generosity of friends and benefactors and their daily work.

They focused their efforts on a community vexed by social pathologies, which are caused by the huge distance from big cities and as a consequence from information, by the lack of an effective healthcare system and education centers.

They are actually deeply involved with Ewe Mama in the development of new projects as an answer to the needs found in the population. Among those projects there are the educational house for disabled “Karidaari Seed”, a vocational school and an orphanage.

Part of their charism is the famous Franciscan hospitality that is fundamental in the cooperation with our missionaries and with the volunteers coming on the field.

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