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​A new project, still in progress, will take place in Rwentobo, starting from 2017. Our missionaries are working hard in order to open an house of shelter for orphan children, aiming to reintegrate them in their original families. Whenever this would not be possible, the project aims to guarantee them a house and a path of studies and training. The plague of these “street children” is infact growing in Uganda, especially in the cities, since the uncertainty of many families, divorces, second weddings where children are left behind and are not

accepted by these new families. In many cases these children are abandoned and they become acquainted with violence and begging.

In the main cities this problem is undeniable. That’s why Ewe Mama decided to help our missionaries in this purpose, helped also by the precious collaboration of the association “Il caprifoglio Onlus”. 


The project is still in an early phase: spaces and personnel are still missing so the support of everyone is

crucial for this initiative.

Aiutaci con la tua donazione e contribuirai a far vivere i nostri e i vostri progetti

Sostieni Ewe Mama donando il tuo 5x1000!

A te non costa nulla, per noi è importante!

Entra a far parte anche tu del nostro progetto con un’esperienza di volontariato! 

Vieni, vedi e vivi!

Adotta un bambino o uno studente del villaggio, 

dal tuo piccolo aiuto può scaturire una grande gioia!

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