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COME AND SEE - Join our projects with a voluntary


Giorgio and Marta, franciscan missionaries, in collaboration with Ewe Mama welcome in Uganda every person wishing to give his contribution for long or short time spans. From two years the project “Come and see” is a reality of the territory as well as one of our main goals, in accordance with the friars. We have had the chance to experience the richness which comes from the exchange between different cultures and the importance of sharing time and knowledge with our missionaries and local people.

The goal is to allow anyone to join our existing realities or collaborate with our missionaries in their daily jobs.

​To have more information, to better understand our projects and to plan your visit, feel free to contact our

responsible Giorgio Scarpioni and Marta Novati.

Phone: +39 333 4871377

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Help us with your donation and you will contribute to bring our and your projects to life

Support Ewe Mama by donating your 5x1000!

It costs you nothing, it is important to us!

Become part of our project with a volunteer experience! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Come, see and live!

Adopt a child or village student,  

great joy can come from your little help!

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