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5 x1000

Choose Ewe Mama for your 5x1000: it costs you nothing, it is important to us.Our tax code, to be used for the donation, is95070280128.

Or make a donation by bank transfer to"EWE MAMA odv".
OurNEW  IBAN is IT69F0623010801000015016004. 

By requesting the receipt of your donation you have the possibility to deduct your offer from the tax return by 35%.

Help us with your donation and you will contribute to bring our and your projects to life!

Become part of our project with a volunteer experience!

Come, see and live!

Adopt a child or village student,  

great joy can come from your little help!

Arrange a testamentary bequest in favor of EWE MAMA alongside the Franciscan missions in Africa.

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