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Dear friends and supporters,  

Below we would like to explain the methods and reasons that lead us to propose the idea of distance adoptions linked to our project for disability in Uganda and to the support project for school fees.


Given the frequent information difficulties and the inconveniences that many have experienced with associations of various types over the years, we have thought of ainnovative method that can make you more involved and involved.


​First of all, we would liketransparency guaranteedand this is possible thanks to our physical presence in Uganda: two of the founders of Ewe Mama have lived in the country since 2014. It will be our commitment to promptly inform you of any circumstance, of any need or inconvenience encountered by the children and young people adopted; this is important as in Africa the inconvenience is always around the corner.


​ Above all, we would like to offer you the possibility to have several times in a year adirect contact with the adopted child or young person,  allow you to receive photos of him and the activities he carries out, even to see him through single and group videos. Don't be afraid to ask us about this. On some occasions the children prepare drawings or crafts, with the help of the teachers, for
their "adoptive" families that we will be happy to let you have. Another possibility that we do not exclude but which we propose with joy is that of
come and visit us directly in Uganda:so you can directly spend a few days with the child or young person you support.


Long distance adoption is a relationship of trust.A relationship of trust between you and us that guarantees the future of the children we help. You need to trust us, our commitment and our seriousness, while we, at the same time, must trust your support to continue on the journey undertaken with these guys.This is why we ask you for a commitment that lasts at least 5 years.


Our children with disabilities in most cases do not complete a real course of study but in our home they are assisted in everything we can: food, accommodation, medical care, education, etc. This allows us to make them rediscover dignity in the first place, to make their relatives and people close to them understand that they can change their mentality. Furthermore, it allows us to teach them some basic things for life: take care of themselves, wash themselves, communicate, socialize, use their hands to create and be creative, eliminate so-called “problem behaviors” and much more.

This is why we ask you for a commitment that can allow us to be sure that the boy will be safe and accompanied for 5 years. Keep in mind that for any problem, doubt or question, the invitation to speak directly and personally with us is valid. In case you do not feel ready for a lasting or certain commitment, you can certainly find other ways to support our children, making a free personal donation without any commitment.

If, on the other hand, you accept the method of adoption that is requested of you, which also meets our needs and the needs of the child and the project, then the annual request is 360 euros. In fact, during the year, the school is divided into three periods of varying length depending on the holidays, with a school year starting in January according to the state organizational structure.During each quarter 3 meals a day are guaranteed, assistance during the night, an educator for every 3 children during the day, a cook, the purchase of clothes, school materials and when necessary also medical care and sanitary materials such as disinfectants, diapers, sterile gloves, sleepers, etc.We do not want to ask you for too high a figure but the contribution of 360 euro would be enough to cover some expenses for the adopted boy or girl: a part of food, a part of the salary for those who take care of him or her with us and medical coverage. The remaining needs, including school materials, the cost of electricity and wood for cooking and the balance for food and salaries, is covered by a Franciscan association which has not so far been lacking in its contribution. The amount of the distance adoption is deductible at 35%.


For information:


For any question, question, curiosity or problem, please contact us directly at the following
numbers, we are always available.
Italian contactsto carry out the adoption and to know all the modalities:

Rachele Sessa:+39 333 4390524
Contacts directly in Ugandan territory:

Giorgio Scarpioni:+39 333 4871377 (use whatsapp please)

For any question, question, curiosity or problem, contact us directly at the following numbers, we are always available.


Method of adoption:


  • We ask you to make a transfer directly to the account of the voluntary association ODV "Ewe Mama" which will also allow you to download the amount at 35% only while maintaining the traceability of the transfer ourNEW  IBAN: IT69F0623010801000015016004. 

  • The required amount is360 eurosto be paid by the end of January (annually or every six months, as specified in the application form).

  • We ask you as soon as possible, if you are interested, to communicate your telephone number, your e-mail or your contact number; during the year we will send you news and news.

  • The application to communicate more easily on site is "WhatsApp", through which we could also send you various photos or videos of the boy and his activities. For those who do not have this application, please also indicate the e-mail address where you would like to receive correspondence.

  • Below you will find the application form to fill in to start the adoption, with all the necessary explanations.


Thanks for your trust, friendship and heart!

We are also waiting for you in Uganda so that you can concretely meet our reality.

Giorgio and Marta and the Franciscan province ofm.
Peace and love

Application sheet
for adoptions.

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