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Rushooka’s stories

Rushooka stories are different from European ones. In the next lines, a top 10 that perhaps will amuse you (warning, contains thefts, strange bikes and divine revelations).


10. Episode of a decade ago. Some women present themselves to the convent praying father Carmelo and father Agapitus to help them: at home they have nothing with which to cover themselves and

their children. The brothers look desperately for sheets but they do not have them, so they decide to donate their tents. A few months later, during a celebration, Father Carmelo approaches Agapitus: "Look, our tents are entering the church." They had become haute couture clothes!


9. Meetings of evangelization in the parish, it's Friday afternoon and a pregnant lady let us know that it’s time: she needs a hospital. The car ride is on the edge: it takes 40 km on a bad road, and the miracle of life is likely to be on the front seat. Fortunately, the lady resists and arrives at the hospital and returns on Rushooka only two hours later on the same car and the child is baptized on Sunday. His name is Francis.


8. First period of Ewe Mama project, Giorgio and Marta say: "We had the goal of making you feel at ease Ivan, welcomed as at home, especially after he had cryed for hours waving at Dad. We realized that he finally felt at home when, despite not remembering our names, had named us with very ... familiar names: hunt (aunt), kaaka (grandmother) and taata (Daddy) ".


7. One day a nun comes to the door asking for hospitality for one night. Being hosting fundamental for the Franciscan charisma, a bed and a hot meal will never be refused ... especially to a religious. After spending a night at the monastery, praying, eating and, well, eating, the nun left thanking the brothers. A few months later we learnt the truth: she was not a real nun, but definitely a well-organized woman.


6. In Rushooka it is common to regularly visit the villages that belong to the parish. On these occasions, brothers visit the sick ones and Mass is celebrated. During one of these visits, brother Theophilus is welcomed into the home an old woman, full of joy for his visit. She is so happy that she decides to show him one of her most prized possessions: a collection of consecrated hosts, accumulated in different countries and areas visited. The lady, so devout, received the Eucharist during mass, and instead of eating the wafer, she kept it in the pocket!

5. Giorgio and Marta had a problem: a child could not walk and could not come to the project because his grandmother could not bring him. Thanks to the generosity of Italian friends they managed to bring a stroller in Africa. Now the little girl can come to Rushooka three times a week. When she leaves home, she called her grandmother and told her, "Grandma, take my bicycle that I have to go to school."   


4. Small contraindications for Franciscan hospitality. One day Father Agapitus found on the gate of the house one of the workers who takes care of the garden, intent to leave. He immediately notices that his pockets are excessively swollen and vaguely reminiscent of ... the shape of the sweet fruits of the papaya plant. The boy is obviously embarrassed, the father then decides to use an alternative mode of action: "How's the garden? Have you noticed anything strange there? ". And boy, tended: "It's all right, why?". The father: "I saw that our fruits disappear from the plant without arriving on our table. Keep your eyes open, perhaps there is someone who "steals them. Nothing ever disappeared again.   


3. Many years ago set off a project to support orphans through sponsorships, with the aim to pay tuition and ensure a future for children. It began with an announcement in the church, so that children in that situation could come to the Parish and present themselves. The first day he appeared a woman of only 82 years, "Father, can you help? I'm an orphan. "   


2. God manifests himself in many ways. In Rushooka live elderly persons, their children try as much as possible to look after them. In particular, an old lady with white hair is known for her insistence in asking for help, money or a bar of soap. Since Giorgio is Rushooka, the old lady has been targeting him. One day the lady presents herself to the church saying: "Tonight God has revealed to me in a dream that you would help me to buy the oil for my lamp." How to say no to a divine revelation!   


1. Lecture about "how to prevent street accidents". The teacher: "So guys, how we can avoid an accident with the car?". Justus, the quietest baby of the group, which usually lowers his head when there are questions and pretends to look elsewhere, this time has a stroke of genius. He raises his hand and says, "Well, I'm going to walk."

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