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One of Ewe Mama goals is to create spaces and occasions of meeting for the youth, so that to foster

sharing, training and growth. In Uganda infact young boys and girls live in a disadvantaged situation because of the poverty, the lack of prospective and working possibilities. Familiar habits are still related to ancient uses and educational methods which create a confused identity in the youth: it’s really difficult to understand how to conciliate what is taught and the rapid development of the society.

​Ewe Mama helped to build a space devoted to sports in Rwentobo with the aim to put in contact primay and high school students in spaces planned for them. Here, we have built three fields for volleyball, football and basketball. We organize weekly meetings, movies, singing events and groups games. Through these experiences we try to create a network of positive relationships which keep the youth far from the streets and alcohol, often considered as the only solution for the apathy of the village.

The needs of these boys and girls are still huge and this is one of main concerns of the association: to

guarantee more spaces, build a meeting room, set up workshops, make accessible sport gears as well as computers and beamers.

Aiutaci con la tua donazione e contribuirai a far vivere i nostri e i vostri progetti

Sostieni Ewe Mama donando il tuo 5x1000!

A te non costa nulla, per noi è importante!

Entra a far parte anche tu del nostro progetto con un’esperienza di volontariato! 

Vieni, vedi e vivi!

Adotta un bambino o uno studente del villaggio, 

dal tuo piccolo aiuto può scaturire una grande gioia!

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